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Classic cars are prone to various problems, including breakdowns, due to the failure of the mechanical ignition system. The contact points, mechanical advance and the vacuum mechanism will become worn and unreliable. Replacement systems are available but fail to account for the owner's desire  to maintain the vehicle's classic look under the bonnet.

The Classic Sport Ignition (CSI) distributor is a fully electronic ignition system that has been designed as a direct replacement for the mechanical distributor. The contact points, mechanical advance and vacuum mechanism have been replaced by modern electronics that are fitted into an authentic looking Lucas distributor housing. This ensures that the classic car retains it's original appearance in the engine bay - the difference can only be seen when the distributor cap is removed.

The CSI-Ignition unit is vehicle-specific to ensure that optimum performance is obtained. Currently available for the following vehicle groups:

  • Austin Healey (100/4, 100/6, 3000, Sprite, Midget) 

Click here for product details and our reference for AH (opens pdf in a new window)

  • MG (A, B, C) 

Click here for product details & our reference for MG (opens pdf in new window)

  • Mini (A-series, A+)

Click here for product details & our reference for Mini (opens pdf in new window)

  • Triumph (TR2, TR3, TR4, Spitfire 1500, TR250) 

Click here for product details & our reference for Triumph (opens pdf in new window)


CSI-ignition units are also available with an in-built immobiliser to prevent the engine from being started. When the key fob is in the vacinity of the immobiliser, the CSI will be activated, allowing the car to be started.

Benefits of CSI-ignition

  • Classic, Lucas-style housing
  • 16 pre-programmed curves (remove the cap to select)
  • Ignition curves optimised for modern fuels - better performance
  • Top adjustment with screwdriver
  • LED managed adjustment of curves
  • Available with or without vacuum
  • Available for positive or negative earth
  • Easy-to-understand instructions

Please note: we currently have limited CSI-ignition stocks with the remainder 'special order only' - please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery. Please call 01293 533843 to order.









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