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The Elan was launched by Lotus cars in 1962 as a roadster and 2012 sees the celebration of its 50th anniversary.

As with all classic cars of that age, the fuel system requires regular maintenance to ensure that the vehicle remains at its peak performance.

As a solution to this, Southern Carburetters are able to offer an extensive range of spares, replacement carburetters and upgrades such as the 123ignition. We are also able to recondition carburetters at our workshop in Crawley.


GREAT NEWS! There is now a 123Tune unit available for the Lotus Elan. The unit has increased flexibility over the standard unit and is fitted with a splined shaft and a side-entry cap.

The 123Tune is fully programmable via a PC which allows the centrifugal and vacuum advance curves to be adjusted. It is possible to switch between the setting during running to change the performance of the vehicle. Examples where this would be advantageous are as follows:

  • vehicle being run on different fuels
  • economy running (road) & performance (track)
  • European touring (where a difference in altitude is likely to be encountered)



Replacement Carburettors

Southern Carburetters can supply replacement Weber 40DCOE to replace the worn out unit.


Carburettor Reconditioning

If you wish to keep the original Stromberg or Weber carburettor, we can recondition it to as near new condition as possible. This applies to the Stromberg unit and the Weber 40DCOE18 or 40DCOE31.

To review our prices for this service, click on the button below:


Stromberg Adjuster Kit

We can supply a sollution for Lotus cars that were fitted with the non-adjustable 175 CD Stromberg carburetter. Although limited adjustment was possible with the original unit, over the years mechanical wear of the jet meant that the vehicle could no longer be tuned, resulting in less than perfect performance and fuel economy.

This kit is easy to install once the existing worn jet and jet bearing have been removed and then tuning can be done via the adjuster on the end.


Carburettor Service Kits

If you are wanting to service your own Weber 40DCOE or Stromberg, we can supply genuine factory service kits.

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Ignitor & Coils

If you are looking to replace your current ignition, the Ignitor retains your existing distributor with all of the electronics hidden neatly inside the unit.

Why not upgrade to a Sports Coil?

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