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MGB @ 50

Along with other memorable events happening in the UK this year, 2012 also celebrates the 50th anniversary of the MGB. In 1962, the MGB replaced the MGA and a future classic car was born. It stayed in production until 1980.

Now 50 years later the MGB is one of the most popular classic cars in the world.

To keep your MGB achieving peak performance, Southern Carburetters are able to offer an extensive range of spares, replacement carburetters and upgrades such as the 123ignition. We are also able to recondition carburetters at our workshop in Crawley.


Replacement Carburettors

Although UK manufactured MGBs were supplied as standard with twin SU carburetters, a WEBER replacement can also be fitted. We can supply replacement SU units as well as performance SU and WEBER carburettors.

In addition we can recondition used carburettors at our workshop in Crawley and return them to near-new condition

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 Performance Carburettors

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Reconditioned Carburettors

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Service / Re-build kits for carburettors

Although numerous parts are available individually, to keep this simple we can supply SU service and re-build kits. Each kit contains components to service / re-build 2 caburettors.

For other requirements, such as metering needles, please contact us for details.

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As with many classic cars, they are let down by the old ignition system - points and condensor. As a solution, we carry a range of electronic systems from the ever popular and reliable Pertronix Ignitor to the highly sophisticated 123, truly the best on the market.

To compliment these, we also have a range of high output coils and HT leads.

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Other Products

To complement the fuel and ignition systems detailed above, we are also able to supply a number of other replacement parts for your MGB.

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Special Offers - as seen in Practical Classics magazine

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