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123PEUGEOT-R-V203 / 403 / 404 / 504 / 505 / J5 / J7 / J9 / 204 / 304

the 123PEUGEOT-R-V is, like the other 123ignitions, 16 distributors for the prize of just one!

Before installation, the right advance-curve can be chosen, via the switch in the side of the housing. Ready!

Not only do you get the original advance-curve, you get the original vacuum-curve too!

The 123PEUGEOT-R-V replaces the Ducellier M3, M12, XC1, M127, M59, M43, M75, M48, M36, M42, M50, M53, M77, M78, M95, M71, M86 & M130.




**PLEASE NOTE; Normally available to SPECIAL ORDER only**

:  at  £264.95  each

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