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(January 20, 2017)

The Perceived Problems with Ethanol

As far as we are aware it is only a perceived problem that we have yet to see any evidence of during our reconditioning of carburetters.

Weber have not changed any of their diaphragms, SU/Solex/Zenith withdrew there's for 6 months & tested them, found no problems & released them again for sale.

Some countries like Germany have been on a far higher level of ethanol than the UK for many years & as the kits & parts we supply are sold there if there was a problem we would have known about it years ago.

The one thing I would say is the modern style fuels are quite nasty & go off quickly so it is not good to leave a carburetter standing with fuel in it for long periods of time, it can make cleaning them out a pain.

To be honest we believe the ethanol problem is only a problem because folk on forums have made it a problem. In reality there is no problem.


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