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Southern Carburetters produce some of the finest reconditioned carburettors in the UK.

Our move to new premises in Crawley have allowed us to significantly expand our reconditioning department. Although each carburettor is assessed individually, the basic process remains the same.

The carburettor is stripped down, hand cleaned and gently blasted back to it's original condition. Any plating is done at this point.

The carburettor is reassembled with new parts that include needles, gaskets and jets. Once the re-build is complete, the carburettor is tested, cleaned and dispatched back to you.



The prices below are intended for guidance only - please contact us for a quote

Prices as of 1st November 2018


 Please note prices DO NOT include VAT.


20% VAT is added at 'Checkout' for UK & EU orders.


SU Carburetters HD8 / HD6 / H8 /HS8 £300-£320+
  H Type £270+
  H Type with Thermo £290+
  HS Type (Waxstat) £200+
  HS Type (non Waxstat) £200+
  HIF38/44 & 4/6/7 £200+
  Pre-war OM / UB £270+
  Non-standard dashpot polishing £25+ per dashpot
  Cleaning manifolds & air filters £ please ask
SOLEX/ZENITH/STROMBERG 125 /150 CD £225-£250+
  175 CD         £225-£250+
  JAG V12/Stag/SAAB etc £300+
  Single choke £225+
  Twin choke £250+
WEBER Carburettors DCOE / IDF / DCNF etc from £300+
WEBER Classic Carbs Ferrari/Lambo etc from £350+
DELLORTO Carburettors DHLA / DRLA etc from £300+





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