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space 123 ignition - electronic ignition for classic cars

Products : 123GB-4-R-V

for the replacement of most 4 cyl. CCW 'Lucas'-distributors

123GB-4-R-V The 123GB-4-R-V replaces most 4 cyl. Lucas-distributors for engines in Great-British (hence 'GB') cars, where the distributorshaft is turning in a CCW direction.

The unit offers 16 different advance-curves, that can be selected via a little switch. This is a great feature for easy fine-tuning your engine!

It also offers :

- vacuum-advance
- automatic dwell
- spark balancing
- automatic power cut after 1 second
- gearshift retard
- etc.etc.

Note that there are dedicated 123-ignitions for Mini, MGA & MGB.

Triumph-owners should check if they need a connection for a mechanical rev.counter, as a 123GB does not offer this.

NEW NEW NEW : now also available with 1 degree / PSI boost-retard ! ( ask for : 123GB-4-R-V-BOOST
SEE a 123ignition unit in action on 'YOU TUBE'

:  at  £249.00  each

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