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123B21-B23-R-Vfor Volvo 200, 300, 700, 900

123B21-B23-R-V the 123B21-B23-R-V is designed for the Volvo B17, B19, B21, B23 and B230 engines, not only for classic cars like the Volvo 242, 244, 245 etc but also for the trucks and boats ( Volvo Penta ) .

the 123 offers advance-curves for B17 - B25 Volvo & Volvo Penta engines including turbo engines. This is the result of thorough research in the original Volvo-workshopmanuals.( even a couple of optimised LPG / Ethanol-curves are available )

The 123B21-B23-R-V also offers :

- vacuum-advance
- automatic dwell
- spark balancing
- automatic power cut after 1 second
- gearshift retard
- etc.etc.

**PLEASE NOTE - SPECIAL ORDER only on this product - Please call first**

Quantity:  at  £269.95  each

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