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  123 ignition - electronic ignition for classic cars

Products : 123B18-B20-R-V

for Volvo PV544, Duett, P1800, Amazon, 140, 200, C202

123B18-B20-R-V the 123B18-B20-R-V is designed for the Volvo B18 and B20 engines, not only for classic cars as the Amazone, P1800 etc but also for the trucks and boats, Volvo Penta.

It has advance-curves for B18-A ( VALP ), B18-B, B20-A, B20-B, B20-D, B20-E, B20-F, B18-Penta & B20-Penta engines.

The unit offers optimised LPG / Ethanol-curves for B20-A en B20-E engines.

For injection-systems a 123B18-B20-R-V-IE is available.



SEE a 123ignition unit in action on 'YOU TUBE'

:  at  £249.00  each

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